Sunday, December 18, 2011

Breaking News: Jay sets the 50+ 100 mile World Record

Last night (Dec. 17th, 2011) in Phoenix Arizona at the Desert Solstice, Jay Aldous finished running 100 miles around a track in 13:52:29! That's an average of 8:19 per mile. In doing so he set a new World (and American) record for the 50 to 54 age group. As fast as Jay was he was 2nd in the 100 mile event to Michael Arnstein who finished in 13:46:18!

The previous 50-54 age group American record was held by Gard Leighton of California with a time of 14:56:19, set back in '85.
The previous 50-54 age group World record was held by Denis Weir of Great Britain with a time of 13:55:48, set back in '88.

Watch for a full report in the next couple days from Jay, until then Congratulations Jay!


Brian Beckstead said...

WOW! Jay, your the man. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

That's impossible. In his Javalina Jundred Race Report last month, he said his running shoes were retired to the garage for the year.

I keep seeing reports that this is an "unofficial" record. Can/will it be ratified as "official"? I sure hope so. Also, is it a 50-54 record, or is it 50-and-older? Just curious.

Congratulations Jay.

jun said...

Jay, congratulations. That is totally amazing. What a way to cap off your year. You really earned it. Time to retire and run with the slow-pokes, like me.

Jay said...

The certification process requires:
1) splits from the event and an affidavit from the race director that IAU and USATF record keeping protocol and policies were followed
2) verification of age (e.g. birth certificate)
3) drug test completed by the US Anti Doping Agency (USADA)

These are then submitted to the IAU (International Association of Ultrarunners) who certify world records and the AUA (American Ultrarunning Association) who certify US records.

The age records are kept in 5 year increments - so these records are for 50-54 years old.

Scott Dickey said...

Jay!!! Congrats! Pretty awesome to say the least. Are you still dizzy? You finally got your sub 15 ;)

peter said...

we watched the web stream much of the day, noting when you would pass the camera. you looked so smooth and consistent. an absolutely amazing accomplishment. you are one tough mutha.