Sunday, May 1, 2016

Amalfi Coast Running

The Amalfi Coast

It's been some time since I posted. I usually enjoy the exercise of trying to distill running adventures and races into words, both for the benefit of personal reflection as well as to share my doings with friends and family back in the States. But as of late, I've failed to make the effort or find the time.

Today I said "enough." While on a stunning run along the Amalfi Coast I made the commitment to at least post a few pictures, and if feeling exceptionally motivated, perhaps some accompanying words. So here's my torpid effort....

Crazy Desert Trail 50K

First, a bit of a recap of the past several months. A work trip to the States back in March straddled a weekend. This invariable led to a search for a trail race. The Crazy Desert Trail 50K in San Angelo provide a perfect opportunity to run the engine in preparation for the 100 Miles of Istria in April. I've been feeling healthy this year and without too much effort was able to run a 4:01. Could 2016 be a good year for me??

Next was the 100 Miles of Istria in Croatia. This is one of my all time favorite trail races. While the course on paper does not look particularly challenging (106 miles with 23,400 ascent, 24,300 descent), I find it hard. While I felt better prepared this year than in past years, the race left me worked and disappointed in my time (20:25). While I know I am capable of going under 20 hours on this course, my legs were just not used to the descending. Again I found myself moving slowly the last 20 miles and missing that mark. Return in 2017??

So with 100 Miles of Istria still haunting me, this weekend I was in desperate search of vertical knowing UTMB is just three months away. The Amalfi Coast did not disappoint with 9430 vertical on Saturday and 8550 on Sunday. Enjoy the pictures....

Yep - Got to Climb That for Giggles
Some Fine Single Track
Trail Meandering Through Vineyards
1700 Stairs - They Got to be Good for Something
Path of the Gods
Grape-Based Energy Drink at the End of a Wonderful Day!