Maps and such

Here you will find a selection of hand drawn maps that I have done over the last couple of years. As time permits I will add other maps, profiles, online maps and kml files. If you have any suggestions or requests please leave them in the comments.

Online Maps and KML (Google Earth):

Static Printable Maps - Thumbnails are linked to full size PDF versions.

BoSho Marathon - Antique style

BoSho Marathon

Millcreek 50km Down

Brighton Marathon


Anonymous said...

Love the maps...thx

jun said...

It's official, I've died and gone to trail running heaven. Thanks.

Scott said...

I started making a google map of Wasatch water sources when I was doing the dirtbag trail runner thing last year. ...I've since found myself living in Missoula, MT, yet the map remains. It's more of a summer thing, but still good beta for people looking to explore new routes.

Wasatch e-H2O

Christian said...

Thanks Scott, much appreciated. I've made it a permanent part of the page. If anyone else has something to contribute just let me know.

Mr Goode said...

Do you have a KMZ or KML file for the Salt Flats 100?

Christian said...

Mr Goode,
Ask and you shall receive, see bullet 3 above.