Friday, January 3, 2014

Brighton New Year’s Day Pentathlon

My "go-to mountain" - Mt. Millicent

I’ve been back in Brighton over the Christmas/New Year's break indulging myself in all sorts of fun winter mountain activities; skate skiing, tele-skiing, running, snowshoeing and snowboarding. To welcome 2014 I thought it would be fun to combine all five activities into a New Year’s Day celebration.

My celebration started at 6:00 am with a run from Brighton over Guardsman’s Pass to Deer Valley and back with speedster Kevin Schilling. It’s great to have friends who think the best way to welcome a new year is with an early morning run. (15 miles)

Next was tele-skiing on perfect corduroy after catching the first chair on Millicent. A number of high-speed laps were just what I needed to get a good case of Bernina legs. (8.5 miles)

After a quick switch into snowboard boots I was back on Millicent. This was my first time on the board this year and the first run was a bit shaky. But, just like never forgetting how to ride a bike – the board and I once again became one. (8.5 miles)

I was looking forward with great enthusiasm to event #4 – skate skiing. If I had to choose only one sport I could do for the rest of my life, my choice would be skate skiing. I enjoy the total workout – legs, arms, and core. But more so, I find that the rhythm and motion allow my head to go to that other place that I so like to visit. (17 miles)

And for the final event of the day, snowshoeing with my kids. Yeah, it took some arm-twisting and even the promise of a few post snowshoeing beers, but they joined me for a wonderful late afternoon jaunt through the woods (3 miles)

And for fun symbolism – the day added up to 52 miles of ground covered – my age on this first day of January 2014!

All-in-all a most enjoyable day and hopefully some good prep for several running events in early 2014 including the Treviso Marathon outside of Venice, Italy in February where I would like to run a sub 3:00. And then on April 11 the 100 miles of Istria trail race in Croatia. I’m feeling healthy and strong and have high hopes for doing well at this race across the Istrian Peninsula. While it is only January, I’m feeling healthy and strong, and am confident this could be a good running year for me.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Grandeur Fun Run 2014

The 7th annual Grandeur Fun Run will be held Saturday May 17, 2014.
See sidebar to the right for details.

See you there!!