Friday, January 21, 2011

Viva Nicaragua!

Last week I got the call that a client wanted me in Nicaragua this week. Immediately, all I could think of was a chance to run in shorts and on DIRT. I tried to feign inconvenience when I said, “yes, I can go” in an Eeyore like voice.

On the day I arrived I immediately headed out for a two-hour ‘tour of Managua’ run before my first meeting began. I passed a number of must see sites including the Cathedral, National Palace, Las Huellas de Acahualinca, Zona Rosa and the shore of Lake Managua. I felt incredibly free and light in just shorts and running shirt. The sun beating down on me felt wonderful. I loved the convenience of stopping several times along the way to buy a cold drink from a street vendor. I even got a little sunburned!! A most excellent run.

The next day I got up early to experience Managua in the morning before the sun rose. I knew I would have to pay attention for the guy wires that randomly cut across sidewalks and the holes along the sides of the street where drainage grates were missing. The sounds of a city awakening consumed my senses. The smell of charcoal fires whetted my appetite for freshly cooked tortillas and beans – which I would reward myself to after my run. The radiance of the colors gave me cheer as the sun welcomed the day.

I had so much fun in the morning that I couldn’t resist a quick run after work. Back into the barrios in search of the sights, smells and sounds that make Central America so magical.

Two days in Managua – 28 miles of adventure, fun and DIRT. Viva Nicaragua!!


Missy B. said...

awww. poor you! i bet you won't want to go back there ever again :)

peter said...

Any good pick-up futbol?

peter said...
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Erik said...

I envy your trip to Nicaragua. Looking at the picture of the dirt road strewn with garbage brought back fond memories of Chile, the Dominican Republic and other Third World adventures. Seeing that picture immediately triggered a flood of memories. The smell of street vendors, the stench of burning garbage, the sound of feral dogs running pell mell through the streets, images of toothless old women sweeping the dirt and then watering it down. This is a little tongue in cheek, but the memories are there and they really are fond ones.