Sunday, January 30, 2011

Running in the Carolinas

It’s been running nirvana for me as of late. Within a week’s time, I’ve been able to enjoy warm weather runs in Nicaragua, southern Utah, and the Carolina’s.

On Saturday I ran the Sultan 50K+ in South Mountain State Park, south of Morgantown, N.C. This was an important test for me to see if I am finally on the mend after a year of being plagued by injuries. And, I’m pleased to report I passed the test.

My goal for the run was to go sub 5 hours on the 33 mile, 6900 vertical feet, out and back course. Not particularly fast, but a good clip for a January run for someone who lives in snow country. I was able to hang onto the front-runners for the first 16.5 miles and was very pleased with our 2:14 split. On the way back I pulled into the lead for a few miles before being smoked by some real runners in the last five miles. I finished in 4th place with a time of 5:03. Winning time was 4:56. Thank you Adam, Matt, Scott & Jeremy for letting me hang with you. And, thank you Mohammed for organizing!

On Sunday I took a “get the toxins out” running tour of Charleston, S.C. I have never visited Charleston and was looking forward to a Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil jog through town. What a splendid run – cobblestone streets, hidden gardens, grand old houses, narrow alleys, ocean promenades. Just what some tired old legs needed to feel better before imbibing in some therapeutic grape juice on the balcony of my hotel!

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Hey Christian,
Hardrock and Wasatch!!! Hell Yeah!