Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Taking Strides Against Juvenile Diabetes

I am an addict, and I need your help. My addiction started in 2005 when I ran the Wasatch 100 mile Endurance Run-a 100 mile foot race through the Wasatch Mountains- for the first time. Since then, I have run many other trail races, even attempting (but not finishing) the Wasatch 100 once more in 2007. While I try to justify my behavior by telling myself that I am doing it to stay in shape and to be an example of dedication and hard work to my kids, it’s basically a very selfish pursuit. This year, I have decided it’s time to use my addiction to help a worthwhile cause, and I am teaming up with my good friend Stacey McAllister and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to help find a cure for Type 1 diabetes.

There are approximately 24 million Americans with diabetes, about 10% of those are children with type 1. These children courageously live each day with this disease, enduring 6-10 finger pricks a day, and injecting insulin prior to every meal or snack. If blood sugars are not properly managed, these children face serious complications, such as, blindness, kidney failure, heart disease, amputations, and neuropathy. There is no cure - only life support, in the form if insulin. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is funding the research that WILL find a cure for this disease, but we need your help.
On September 11-12, I will attempt to run the Wasatch 100 for the third time. While I have faith that my training and preparations will see me to the finish line this year, I am asking for your support and sponsorship as an additional motivator, and more importantly to help find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. Please support this very worthy cause! If you don't already know someone with diabetes, chances are, you will sometime during your lifetime. The pledge scale is very simple:-Donate just $1 to show your support in the race to find a cure for Juvenile Diabetes
-Donate an additional $1 if I finish the full 100 miles.-Donate an additional $5 if I complete the 100 miles in under 24 hours (only 8-10 people finish under 24 every year so it's a long shot!) -Donate an additional $5 per every 30 minutes that I finish under 24 hours(i.e. initial $1 + finisher $1 + under 24 hour $5 + 23.5 hour finish time $5 = $12 TOTAL)
To see how much your final pledge will be, you can go to, click on the link that says Results for the 2009 race and enter my name in the Runner Search window. You can follow my progress throughout the run, or check in after the race is over.

OR, if you would rather, you can make a flat donation online by visiting and searching for Erik Storheim in the search field. Please know that any amount you are able to donate will be appreciated! Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions at, and please pass this on to anyone who may be interested in helping out. Thank you in advance for your help in finding a cure for Type 1 Diabetes!

Erik Storheim

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