Friday, June 25, 2010

Trail Conditions

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As soon as the temperature starts to rise and the hills begin turning green I want to hit the higher elevations.  I usually end up trying to go somewhere like Mt. Aire or Bear Ass Pass only to be turned around by too much snow.  I know that others have attempted the same path because I can see their footprints or post holes.  Now we can share what we learn and figure out the best options for what we have planned.  Interested?  Then read on.

Based on the feedback from the last post regarding a trail conditions page, I got something setup.  It's not the most glamorous thing in the world but it should work.  I struggled with the idea of doing a forum or something similar like a google group but I don't have the time to set it up and moderate it.

The original intent was to keep track of snow levels and when the higher elevations are runnable.  But after further thought I incorporated some other factors in as well such as mud, water x-ings, downed trees and overgrowth.  The last two could be used to target certain areas for trail work in the future.  Are you tired of always having to climb over that one tree?  If so then document it.

This is set up so anyone can record a trail condition without logging in and have it automatically populate a table.  I left some room in there to add hyperlinks to pictures that reside on a public site like Flickr or Picasa and a link to a map if available (not necessary though).  I also included space in the bottom of the form for a name (could be a link to you personal blog or such) and State and County for some of our friends residing outside of Utah.

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