Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In Case of Emergency Hit Play - Part 3

Before I get to the next playlist in the rotation a few random thoughts.

Upcoming races: Erik is heading off to tackle the Bighorn 100 with pacing duties courtesy of Greg.  I expect to see Erik mixing it up at the pointy end of the field along with Jeff Browning, Joe Grant, Mike Wolfe and I'm sure a few others I've missed.  I'll post something this weekend as soon as hear how it went.

Also this weekend is the San Juan Solstice 50.  Locals include Greg Moellmer, Matt Hart and Mr. Shilling.  I'm really jealous of the folks heading down to southern Colorado as the San Juans are simply unreal.

Unrelated race news: My knee is quickly becoming a non-issue and I'm pretty much back to normal training with no pain, at least in the knee.  Now if I could just get my lungs and hips to cooperate.

Now on to the playlist.  If you missed the reasoning behind the Emergency Playlist check out the first installment for an explanation.  Make a guess on who's playlist it is or just enjoy the tunes.
*Note: if you're using a feed reader to view this you will not be able to see the music player in each post.

Bob Marley and Peter Tosh - Small Axe

Led Zeppelin - Ramble On

Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil

Jane's Addiction - Strays

Gomez - We Don't Know Where We're Going


Anonymous said...

I was hoping that Meltzer guy would post Bighorn odds. There's some fast guys running, but I don't know the pecking order.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that the map maker would have the song "We Don't Know Where We're Going".

Missy B. said...

love Ramble On. i'll have to add that one to my playlist.

if i may suggest another:
All these things that i've done by the Killers, courtesy Matt Hart's 2009 run video. if you haven't seen this video, you should definitely check it out.

Anonymous said...

these are great...
could anyone tell me what they love/hate about their music playing device? my 1st gen. shuffle died and i am on the hunt for what is next. ipod or? nano? shuffle? which headphones? where do you put it? thanks. sorry if this isn't exactly on topic...

Christian said...

Missy, I'm a big fan of Matt's video production and the Killers (even went to their concert here in SLC), great suggestions.

Anonymous 1st gen shuffle user, I use a 2nd gen nano. For the player, the smaller the better IMO, I like the ability to choose a playlist depending on the mood I'm in. For headphones I use the Sennheiser MX75. They are waterproof and have a unique method of staying in the ear without wrapping around you whole ear. The other thing I like about them is that I can still hear things going on around me, unlike some earbuds. I ruined two pairs of earbud style headphones with sweat (sony and skullcandy) before I found the Sennheiser's.
Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

christian, do you have a case for your nano? where do you put it while running? thanks a bunch!

Jay said...

The nano fits nicely in the internal key pocket found in most running shorts. I haven't had any problems with my nano given these pockets tend to be located in a rather warm and moist neighborhood. Tuck the extra cord for your headphones in your shorts so it doesn't blow in the wind or get caught by your hands

Christian said...

I have a case from called the Sportsuit Convertible. A new model (to fit the new nano's)that looks similar is the Sportshell Convertible. The reason I like this case is that I have options. I can clip it to my waistpak or shorts or I can wrap it around my arm. Most of the time I clip it to my waist and route it up my back. But as you know it's all personal preference, good luck with your decision.

Missy B. said...

you lucky dog, going to the Killers concert!

i wear a nathan vest pack and put my nano in the zip pouch, then restrain the extra cord from the headphones under the sternum strap.

although, yesterday i had my camera and my nano in the same pocket. i was not listening to my music. i was taking my camera in and out of the pocket multiple times, and when i finally went to listen to my tunes, my nano was gone. so i would not advise this method of "shared pocket space" between two devices. if you are on Grandeur's West Face and find a silver nano, it's mine, and it's probably dead by now :( i ordered a new one and apparently they have video and a camera built in. you can get a refirbished current generation nano off the apple website for $100. not bad, i'd say, but still a costly lesson for me.