Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Speedgoat Deathmarch

Has anyone else looked at the maps for the Speedgoat? Holy crap. I think I'm staying home. And I thought last year was bad.... This year when I take a wrong turn again, I think I'll just mosey on down to the bottom of the mountain. If I do decide to finish, I'm thinking about 8 hours. Have fun ya'll.


peter said...

Sounds like there will be a little better trail marking. So no extra credit running. My money is on sub 8 finishes for Erik, Rich, Brian, and Greg. I am off to do a little road running and beach soccer in CA. Best of luck Speed Goaters.

Greg said...

Wow its worse than I thought! Anybody that goes out thinking "just another 50k" is in for a very long day. By the way Erik, presuure is on, Karl just listed you 5-1 to win.

Jason said...

Glup! We must be crazy or stupid, right? I could be sitting at home watching golf or mowing the lawn? I second thoughts?

I have tickets to the Symphony at Dear Valley Saturday evening. I hope I make it! If not, I'll be sleeping in the backyard. Yes, the dog sleeps in the house.

mrcandgladtobe said...

I just hope the tram isn't waiting to leave as I go over hidden peak. I am sure I would have hitched a ride everytime if there was a way on windy pass!!! Good luck to everyone. -Rich