Sunday, July 27, 2008

MRC Conquers the Speedgoat 50K

Ouch!! What a course. After looking over the map I knew the race would be brutal, but I had no idea.  When the race started the jack rabbits took off and I was not going to be one of them. Erik, Christian and I ran at a conservative pace letting a few runners burn out in the first 5 miles. Erik was about 3 minutes ahead of Christian and I approaching Hidden peak for the 1st time. When we finally crawled over the top Karl and Jared Campbell were there waiting. Christian and I left together and headed over Baldy. I passed Christian while he was picking up e-caps he dropped. After that I never really saw him. I knew he was breathing down my neck a couple minutes back the rest of the race. I ran with a nice guy originally from England named Dominick. To be honest the fact that he was wearing  a pink camelback lead Christian and myself to think he was in over his head. I was wrong he was a strong runner. I followed him all the way to the final decent from Hidden Peak. Mineral Basin was super rocky. I rolled my ankle twice but it never really got swollen or tight. What was really scary at that point was how far down we ran before there was any sign of returning up to Snowbird. The people at the Mary Ellen Gulch aid station were great. Rock Horton was there with a smile. At that point he told me Erik was 12 minutes ahead. The climb up  M.E.G went on forever. It was starting to warm up and the water station in Mineral Basin came at the perfect time. Up,up,up to the tunnel then down, down down to the switchbacks that took us up,up ,up,up to the cirque ridge then up ,up, up to the road just below the tram. We were finally to the Hidden Peak aid station again. NOT! OK, I do not know how the express in words how I felt or what I wanted to do to Scott Mason when he said "Just run down there across Little Cloud Bowl and up through that snow field." I was in shock at how far we ran down just to go up,up,up. On the way up Little Cloud Nate McDowell blew by me then the 2nd place runner. A few minutes later Anita Ortiz ran down past me on the snow. I saw Erik on the road almost to the top of Hidden Peak. My wife and kids were up tops. It was awesome to see them. It really gave me a second wind. Uncle Dave filled my bottle and sent me on my way. Erik had gone through just over half an hour before me so I knew I couldn't catch him. I was in 6th place at this point and I really wanted to finish in the top 5. Dominick was just in front of me and I had one other runner a couple minutes back. I felt great all the way down. I passed Dominick for 5th place and was able to run the decent in about 35 minutes. I had to tell a few runners they were of course. It was sad. They were below Mid Gad restaurant. The climb back up to get on course would have be a killer. I think they all dropped. After it was over I felt really good about the run. Christian finished a few minutes after me (With the Millcreek 50K win on his legs). Greg had a great run as well. I hope the MRC made Dr. Lindgren proud. Jason Berry finished strong and must have taken off to the symphony right after. Congrats to my friend Tom Nelson on finishing his 1st ultra. He was sick the day before and still managed to pull through and have a great race. Greg's friend from Virgina (I think) called the race the "Barkley of the West" That sums it up for me. See you all soon on the trails and Congratulations to all the finishers! -Rich

Unofficial Results (I Think?)

4th- Erik Storhiem 6:09
5th- Rich McDonald 6:33
Christian Johnson Sub 7 hrs
Greg Norrander Sub 8hrs
Jason Berry Sub 8hrs
Tom Nelson Sub 10hrs
 P.S. In light of my recent near fatality, I will be adding the helmet to my running attire!


peter said...

Guessing the glue held, and there was no more blood-gushing-gore to frighten small children. Congratulations, and remember to never underestimate the pink trail wear. Uncle Dave wears pink flowered gaiters, and he can pretty much kick the tail off most guys half his age.

Christian said...

Way to keep up the strong pace all day, that was impressive.

Dr. Dom said...

Hi Rich,

I'm the guy with the pink Camelbak. As it happens, it belongs to my wife. But in view of the reaction it got from you, I think I might keep using it to disguise myself in races!

As you said, this was a tough race. I certainly know that I suffered like hell, particularly at the end, when I was so wracked with abdominal pain that I could barely trot down to the finish.

I just wish that I had listened to you when (during the long, long ascent to the tunnel) you mentioned your concern about dehydration. I think this is what killed me. When I weighed myself the evening after the race (after a long nap, and a lot of liquid), I was still 9 pounds lighter than when I started.

Anyway, great job in the race. It was good to run with you. Way to finish strong!