Thursday, July 3, 2008

Desolation Trail

Erik and I (Rich) ran the Desolation trail that starts just past Millcreek Inn on Wed afternoon. What a beautiful trail. The wild flowers were in full force. We also encountered a rattlesnake on our way down. It was ready to strike Erik. He is lucky I was there to save his life. I spoke a little parcel tounge and he gladly moved away. The photo of the snake didn't turn out, but take a look at the others it is amazing up there. Sorry they are a bit blurry they were taken with my phone. Happy running! -Rich 
P.S. for a 8x10 glossy print of the adult picture of Erik that has now been removed send $14.95 to "Sexy Runner PO Box 69 SLC, UT 84124"

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