Saturday, July 19, 2008

Salt Lake City Man Attacked by Tree

On Wed July 16th 2008 while trail running Rich McDonald was viciously attack by a teenage quaking aspen. It began like any summer run up Millcreek Canyon. Starting at Upper Big Water, McDonald ran to Dog Lake, then up to Desolation Lake. From the crest he ran down the Great Western trail back to his car. The run seemed like just another spiritual experience on the trail. Then things took a dramatic turn for the worst. As McDonald ran down the Great Western he spotted his attacker laying across the trail. Moving at the speed of light McDonald attempted to duck underneath, but instead was struck. The blow to the head stunned the runner. He remained on his feet and was able to verbal assault the tree, until he saw the blood! McDonald stayed calm and applied pressure to the wound as he walk back to the car. Face and chest covered in blood he passed several hikers who wanted to help. He explained that he was "SUPER TOUGH" and continued to his car. On his return he was also responsible for traumatising 3 young children with the 3 gallons of blood on his head and body. On McDonald's return to the city he received 3 staples in the head. When asked if he was worried about future encounters with hostile trees, McDonald replied "It's the trees that should be worried!"

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peter said...

Staples removed.
Wound was huge.
McDonald truely "Super Tough", only cried a little.