Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wahsatch Steeplechase 2008

Another Summer Solstice has come and gone, and with it, the Wahsatch Steeplechase. The MRC had a good showing with everyone finishing under 3 hours.

3 Kevin 2:20:41
8 Erik 2:31:27
21 Rich 2:42:57
40 Peter 2:53:07
44 Sam 2:54:34

In the 4 years I've run the Steeplechase, I've devoloped a love/hate relationship with it. I'ts a beautiful course, well put together, a variety of all the terrain I love to run and as always, interesting and new people to meet on the trail. These are the things I love. Then..... there's the fact that it's 16.4 miles. Short enough to feel like I need to run the whole thing, and not just at a casual jog, but long enough with brutal terrain to make that long uphill absolute misery. Not to mention the sprint down City Creek trying to catch a glimpse of Shilling the longest 40 minutes of my life. That's what I hate. Go ahead, call me a whiner.

This year was no exception, the uphill was long, brutal and absolutely beautiful. Nothing prettier than watching the sun rise over the Wasatch whilst running through those yellow and purple wildflowers. (If anyone knows their names, please feel free to share your knowledge.) The Crags were as craggy as ever- I'm just glad that I wasn't the lady that forgot she was afraid of heights untli she was on top of the crags and had to be helped off after 3 hours of coaxing- and the descent from Smuggler's notch was as overgrown as ever, (my favorite part of the race) and I never did catch sight of Shilling as I slogged down City Creek. Although... I did pass Karl Meltzer (sorry to hear that Western States was cancelled, I hope the Appalachain Trail isn't burning in August) with 2 miles to go. Never mind that it was just a training run for him, I'll just leave that part out when I tell people since it's the only time that particular event will ever happen.

All in all, what a fabulous race and I'm glad I ran it. One of these years, we'll have to get the MRC together, skip the Steeplechase, and take a stab at the Wasatch Back Relay. Anyone interested?


peter said...

The flowers:
Yellow - Mule's ears,
Blue- Penstemon, lupine, and bluebell
Red - Indian Paintbrush
White - Sego lilly and columbine

I couldn't agree more with the love/hate relationship with the steeplechase. It just isn't an ultra. I think that doing a 6 person team might be interesting for the WBR. Honestly, though I can't imagine blowing a full day and night to run 30+ miles on the road. Spending a good part of the day in a van with Rich might be worth it in laughs.

Christian said...

If we do the WBR wouldn't I have to buy road shoes? Looks like a lot of planning. Do you think we could use my kids as 2 of the 3 required volunteers?

Speedgoat Karl said...

It felt good to get backt to the Steeplechase, Butch puts on a great show. Back in the day I ran that thing in 2:14.09 in the mud. I think I'm getting slower. It was a good training run, too bad WS was cancelled, I might not have let you get me! Just kiddin' Nice run!