Sunday, June 8, 2008

MRC Rocks Squaw Peak 2008!

Loads of Photos from Greg.

Way to go guys! That was tough.

2nd - Erik
6th - Christian
8th - Rich
15th - Peter

Looks like those early morning - postholing - sidestepping - cold runs paid off.
How about a report Erik, Rich, Peter? I posted one of my own over here.


Brian Beckstead said...

Nice job guys! I'm not the smartest person in the word, so what does the MRC stand for?

Christian said...

The RC is running club. The M is currently...Mountain.
Nice work Saturday, holding back early clearly paid off.

Greg said...

Had I great time seeing all the MRC members running so well. Had the pleasure of seeing one use a great body roll technique to get down the trail.I have over 400 pictures of the race. As soon as I figure out how to link to my flickr account I will post it.

Greg said...

For pictures go to:

peter said...

By the time I got to Greg, my body roll technique had been worked on several times. I had one more toe kick front somersault in the mud, sadly without an audience. Great race to all. Hope everyone is recovering smoothly.