Sunday, June 1, 2008

Grandeur Peak Fun Run

The First Annual (Second Annual if you count last years showing of 3 people) Grandeur Peak Fun Run was a great success. After snow and miserable weather earlier in the week, the day turned out to be a beautiful one to watch the sun rise over the Wasatch Mountains. 28 runners started up the relentless west face of Grandeur Peak. Christian Johnson and Rich McDonald blazed the way to the top in 52 and 53 minutes respectively. For the women, Senta Byer was hot on their heels in 56 minutes. Christian and Rich ran neck and neck for the rest of the run, and finished holding hands in a smoking time of
1 hour 58 minutes. Dave Hunt was 3rd in a strong 2:07, with his trademark whooping and hollering and antics as he came across the finish. Emily Sullivan made good time after the initial climb to finish first for the women in 2:13.
Due to poor communication on my part, the aid station at Church Fork was a little late in getting set up and only the second half of the runners were able to refill their water. My apologies to those who were running dry!! Along with the aid station blunder, I managed to mark the course in what I thought was an obvious fashion, but to those not familiar with these particular trails, it wasn’t so obvious. Needless to say, there were a few interesting variations of the run discovered, with one runner managing to make it to the Millcreek canyon road and hitch hike back to the start ( Tom, you get time subtracted for ingenuity). Special recognition goes to Jill Bohney, Bob Adler, Brian Kamm, Aric Manning and Scott Jaime who didn’t think once was enough and set off on a second loop after we were all done!
Thanks to everyone who showed up to run and then stuck around afterwards for pancakes and good times. Thanks also to Rich Mcdonald for helping me mark the course, Rich Baxter for recording names and times at the top of Grandeur, Steve and Emy Storheim for hauling water up to Church Fork, and to Jill Bohney, Bob Adler and Brian Kamm for clearing the course on their second loop! For next year’s event, the only entry requirement will be that you bring a friend that didn’t run it this year. See you there!

Top of Grandeur Finish
1. Christian Johnson :52 1:58
Rich McDonald :53 1:58
3. Dave Hunt :56 2:07
4. Emily Sullivan 1:00 2:13
5. David McKnight 1:01 2:17
6. Sarah Evans 1:00 2:21
7. Brian Hamos 1:00 2:24
8. Brian Kamm 1:07 2:24
9. Brent Mitchell 1:02 2:25
10. Jason Berry 1:15 2:25 (early start)
11. Peter Lindgren 1:15 2:25 (early start)
12. Brian Harward 1:04 2:27 (accompanied by Alta and Steiner)
13. Senta Beyer :56 2:28
14. Bri Badger 1:00 2:35
15. Thomas Nelson 1:08 2:37
16. Bob Adler 1:07 2:40
17. Jill Bohney 1:11 2:45
18. Dan Barnett 1:11 2:51
19. Adam Welch 1:09 2:58
20. Olaf Questereit 1:25 3:03
21. Tony deArcos 1:11 3:05
22. Eddee Johansen 1:16 3:07
23. Scott Jaime 1:21 3:14
24. Aric Manning 1:21 3:14
25. Tom Peterson 1:10 3:17 (Does Hitchhiking to the finish count?)
26. Brad Lewis 1:22 3:23
27. JohnParley Lewis 1:22 3:23
28. Josh Bilanzich 1:20 3:50


Manners said...

Thanks for a great run! I appreciate you setting this up. I look forward to more. Being down here in North Ogden, its nice to run some other trails with great people! Good Luck at Squaw.

Christian said...

Thanks for organizing this "fun run" Erik, it was a good time. Also, I just wanted to add, it was Rich's idea to "hold hands" across the line...