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Utah Ultra - Best of 2012 - Male Ultra Runner of the Year

Over the next couple of weeks The MRC will be posting some nominees for various Utah ultra running categories. The idea is simple, recognize people in the Utah ultrarunning  community that have done something special or noteworthy. The rules are simple too, nominees must live in Utah and members of the MRC are excluded. This means Erik’s trailblazing completion of the Millwood 100 is  excluded as well as Jay’s 4 wins at the 50k, 50 and 100 mile distances.  We will have a widget on the sidebar where you can place your vote. Also please feel free to post in the  comments on anybody you feel we missed.  The MRC is Salt Lake City based so I am sure we are missing some great runners and races from other parts of the state. So what do the winners get in the various categories?  Well nothing more than maybe a pat on the back at the next race.

1. Jared Campbell
2. Karl Meltzer
3. Matt Hart
4. Robert Mueller
A total of 203 votes were cast with Jared receiving 56% of the vote, Karl 27%, Matt with 8% followed closely by Robert with 7%. Outstanding year by each one of you. Each one of these runners make Utah and the Wasatch Front that much better. Keep the bar high in 2013!

Utah Ultra - Best of 2012 - Male Ultra Runner of the Year

Jared Campbell managed to string together one of the most impressive ultrarunning seasons on record, not just for a runner from Utah but any ultra runner in the country. Forget Killian's Quest how about Jared’s Summer of Slog (his term). Not only did he complete all these amazing runs he did it with humor, style and grace. From posting about his lowest lows during Nolan’s 14, to letting Ben Lewis video him as he threw up at 14,000 ft during Hardrock, Jared is always reminding us why we're in this sport in the first place.

Jared Campbell’s 2012 results

  • Grandeur Peak 10x 21:30 (also raised money for Breath Utah)
  • Barkley Marathons 100 56:00 2nd
  • Hardrock 100 29:38 13th
  • Wasatch 100 23:07 5th
  • Millwood 100 34:20 (A route created by Jared, 2nd person to complete the course)

Matt Hart was healthy this year and it showed, getting his first 100 mile win at the Tahoe Rim Trail 100m in a time of 19:14, he also completed Nolans 14 with Jared Campbell in a time of 58:58, then topped off the season with a strong 3rd at the Bear 100 in a time of 19:29.  Matt has sold his beloved van and is actually living in a house so we’re hoping he sticks around for a while. If you get a chance to run with Matt do so, we guarantee you’ll have fun and learn something new.

Matt Hart’s 2012 results

  • Yakima Skyline Rim 50k 5:47 4th
  • Pocatello 50m 9:10 4th
  • Tahoe Rim 100m 19:14 1st
  • Nolan’s 14 58:58
  • Bear 100 19:29 3rd

Karl Meltzer claims he’s getting old and slow but nobody is buying it. In 2012 he proved again that  there are few that can match his combination of speed and endurance over a given season. We counted 6 100 mile finishes, with 3 wins for Karl this year, with his strongest showing at Run Rabbit Run 100 were he out ran some of the best runners in the country. Karl’s fastest 100 was Rocky Raccoon 100 in 14:17 and his slowest the Hardrock 100 in a time of 28:43, these times demonstrate  Karl’s amazing talent at running any 100 mile race extremely quick, be it the hardest 100 in the country to the flattest.

Karl Meltzer’s 2012 results

  • Rocky Raccoon 100 14:17 2nd
  • Red Hot 50k+ 4:19 3rd
  • Antelope Island 100 15:28 1st
  • Zane Grey 50 9:25 2nd
  • Pocatello 50 8:42 2nd
  • Hardrock 100 28:43 7th
  • RRR 100 19:16 1st
  • Grindstone 100 17:13 1st
  • Chimera 100 17:30 2nd

Robert Mueller didn’t have quite the season the other three nominees above had but the MRC decided to give some recognition to Robert  seeing that he is only 25 and ran a very fast breakout season.  He started off the year chasing Karl with a 2nd place at Antelope Island 100 in time of 17:00, then followed up with a very quick Bighorn 100 mile finish in 20:48 good enough for 4th place and the 15 fastest time on record. Robert then showed his climbing abilities and lung capacity in the Speedgoat 50k taking the top Utah spot; 12th place in a time of 6:08. Robert finished the season off with two hard 100 mile races the Leadville and the Wasatch Front  100 which he finished just under the 24 hour mark to claim his first Crimson Cheetah Buckle.

Robert Mueller’s 2012 results

  • Antelope Island 100 17:00 2nd
  • BoSho  Marathon 4:13 7th
  • Bighorn 100 20:48 4th
  • Millcreek 50k 6:41 6th (the only runner to chug a beer at Elbow Fork)
  • Speedgoat 50K 6:08 12th
  • Leadville 100 23:08 36th
  • Wasatch Front 100 23:55 14th

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Cory Reese said...

Karl's "old and slow" is clearly a bit of a stretch - considering that he can run 100 miles faster than most "old and slow" people can drive.