Monday, December 24, 2012

Utah Ultra - Best of 2012 - Female Ultra Runner of the Year

Over the next couple of weeks The MRC will be posting some nominees for various Utah ultra running categories. The idea is simple, recognize people in the Utah ultrarunning  community that have done something special or noteworthy. The rules are simple too, nominees must live in Utah and members of the MRC are excluded. This means Erik’s trailblazing completion of the Millwood 100 is  excluded as well as Jay’s 4 wins at the 50k, 50 and 100 mile distances.  We will have a widget on the sidebar where you can place your vote. Also please feel free to post in the  comments on anybody you feel we missed.  The MRC is Salt Lake City based so I am sure we are missing some great runners and races from other parts of the state. So what do the winners get in the various categories?  We’ll nothing more than maybe a pat on the back at the next race.

1. Sarah Evans McCloskey
2. Amie Blackham
3. Bethany Lewis

Wow! A total of 336 votes were cast with Sarah getting 48% of the vote, Amie 43% and Bethany with 12%. Congratulations to each of you for an outstanding year, can't wait to see how 2013 goes.

Ladies first so we will start with Female Utah Ultrarunner of the year:

Amie Blackham completed 9 ultra trail races in 2012, she took first place in two of those races,  Corner Canyon 25K and Bighorn 50. She placed in the top 10 in all of but two of the races, the highly competitive Speedgoat 50k and the early season Moab Red Hot 50k+. Most impressive were her solid 100 milers; Wasatch in 26:09 backed up by another very solid run at the Bear 100 in a time of 24:51. I don’t know Amie but happened to run in to her and Seth Hales just  a few days ago as they were completing a 20 mile run consisting of Wire, Van Cott, Unkle combo, watch out for Amie in 2013.

Amie’s 2012 results (all results Gender)
  • Red Hot 50k+ 5:43 12th place
  • Antelope Island 50 8:16 4th
  • Squaw Peak 50 10:28 2nd
  • Bighorn 50 9:35 1st
  • Millcreek 50k 8:31 3rd
  • Speedgoat 50k 8:19 13th
  • Corner Canyon 25k 2:35 1st
  • WasatchFront 100  26:09 3rd
  • Bear 100 24:51 4th

Sarah Evans McCloskey racked up another impressive year of races, 8 in total that I could find. Sarah also mentioned that she finished a solo fast pack of the John Muir trail this summer. Not only is Sarah fast and consistent in her running she has to be the happiest runner at any given race.  Sarah had a super impressive finish to her running season with a 24:42 at Wasatch followed by a 23:32 at the Bear,I am sure a sub 24 at Wasatch is a real possibility  for Sarah in the future.

Sarah’s 2012 results (all results Gender)

  • Antelope Island 50 8:25 5th
  • Zion 100 23:09 2nd
  • Pocatello 50 10:50 2nd
  • San Juan 50 10:52 3rd
  • Logan Peak 28m 5:03 1st
  • Speedgoat 50k 6:58 3rd
  • Wasatch 100 24:42 2nd
  • Bear 100 23:32 3rd

Bethany Lewis the fastest female ultrarunner in the state? I can’t think of anybody faster at the 50k or 50 mile distance. For a lady with only 10 listing on Ultra Signup she has shocked and awed the ultrarunning community with her amazing speed and much like her husband Ben her ability to run with the best ultra runners in the country without showing any signs or symptoms that this is abnormal or special. I like Bethany’s style, no blog post or interviews, she lets the results talk for her.

Bethany’s 2012 results (all results Gender)

  • Antelope Island 50 6:55! 1st (2nd overall)
  • Miwok 100km 10:49 2nd
  • San Juan Solstice 9:58 1st (4th fastest on record)
  • Northface 50 9th 7:20


Speedgoat Karl said...

sarah evans was 3rd woman at Speedgoat 50k..6:58.51

Anonymous said...

Sarah Evans is now Sarah McCloskey.

Greg Norrander said...

Karl, I believe we had Sarah listed correctly, but great to point out that Sarah had a stellar 3rd place result against a field of very good runners. In fact I think Sarah has been in the top 5 on the women's side for all 5 Speedgoat 50k she's run.

Anonymous, we will correct Sarah's name to Sarah Evans McCloskey.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the props, christian and the rest of the mrc! What a fun idea...looking forward to the next category to vote on!!!

Missy B. said...

Some of those who don't know Sarah as well ~ maybe her maiden name should be in parentheses to decrease confusion? (For all those who didn't know, Sarah got married recently and is now McCloskey.)

Jared said...

Sarah's solo & self-supported JMT is awesome and way under the radar, which I think is cool. Total bad-ass and all smiles.

Bethany: Absolutely incredible and re-defining trail RUNNING! I can't wait to see what she does next year. Lookout.... everyone.

Amie : Incredibly impressive list of accomplishments this year as well!

Speedgoat Karl said...

I stand corrected on my comment on Sarah "Evans", sorry Sarah. :-) And her time. Perhaps I should pay more attention to detail. My bad....

Amie B said...

A well deserved win by an incredible athlete! Congrats Sarah, you had an amazing year! Thanks MRC for the recognition what a fun way to end the year.