Sunday, December 2, 2012

Maps page

Take a peek at the top and you will find a new page I added to the blog. I decided it's time to liberate some of the maps and beta from my hard drive to the trail enthusiasts that might enjoy them.

I started with a series of hand drawn maps for some of the "fun runs" we do here in the Wasatch and gradually I will add other types of maps, profiles and kml's as time permits. The hand drawn maps have also been added to the Wasalpstriders site since they pertain to those events.

If you have a request send it over in the comments and I will attempt to put something together.
Hope you enjoy!


Nick Sourlos said...

Nice addition...I have been curious about your "Bowman-Desolation Loop" or "The Big Loop"

JimM said...

Loves these maps, thanks Christian.

LEWIS said...

Awesome, thanks for sharing these.

Noah Parks said...

Thank you for posting this. It will be such a huge resource, especially if you add reader submitted maps.