Friday, March 16, 2012

Unbreakable Movie Screening SOLD OUT!

The special screening of Unbreakable on Wednesday, March 21st has officially sold out. To those that were unable to get tickets I apologize but stay tuned as there could be another screening coming to Park City.

To those that have purchased tickets THANK YOU, here is what you can expect on the evening of the 21st.

Show up early so we can get everyone checked in and giveaway all the door prizes we have from: iRunFar.comAltraSmith OpticsGregorySalt Lake Running Co. ,Vi Endurance and Race entries to Wahsatch Steeplechase, and Timp Trail 50K. 
For those that are not aware, Brewvies has a full menu of pub style food and adult beverages that you can take into the theater with you. There is a counter in front of the seats to sit your food on.

6:30pm: Tickets available to pick up
7:15pm: Door prize drawing will start
7:30pm: Movie starts.
8:45pm Additional door prizes

Please bring your ID to show the Cinema staff  (21 & over only)
Then pick up your tickets from us. Note: the tickets will be under the name they were ordered with on the Paypal account. Every ticket purchased will get a ticket in the drawing.

Thanks again, we're really looking forward to enjoying the movie with everyone!


Nick said...

Pub food and micro brews two nights before Buffalo Run.....can't wait!

Jen said...

Looking for a couple tickets if any extra turn up. 8018099258. Thanks, jen

RussellFamilyAdventures said...

Ahhhh! I just got on to buy tickets! I'm so sad!
I'd take 2 if anyone can't go! 8015205150.

Jason Holmberg said...

Hada a great ime last night. Thanks for organizing this event.

jun said...

Christian, thanks for putting that together. It was awesome. I have seen the show a few times, but to see it on the big screen in that type of environment was the best, for sure.