Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kanab Canyon Trail Run

I’ve been doing some work for Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, UT. Each month I’m required to be on-site for several days. When I’m at the sanctuary, my workspace overlooks Kanab Creek Canyon. For several months now, I’ve wanted to run up the canyon – today was my day.

After my last meeting, I quickly donned my shorts and shoes and was out the door. From Angel Village at the Sanctuary I followed the County road to where it dips down towards Kanab Creek (just after Angels Rest, the pet cemetery). From there, I jumped into the creek and began to run upstream.

There is one section of nice narrows, lots of tamarisk, and once you top out, wide-open terrain with a variety of jeep tracks providing a diverse selection of slick rock, sand, and cobble. You can choose to run in the creek or along jeep tracks depending on your fancy.

After an hour out I turned around, anxious to get back and celebrate the day by sitting in the creek and enjoying a couple of barley pops. This is the first day I have been warm in almost 6 months and I cherished the sun on my skin and the cool water on my legs. An excellent little run and recommended for anyone visiting the Sanctuary or passing through Kanab.

Next run - R2R2R on Friday. Can't wait....


Ann Cashen said...

Thank you for visiting Kane County, UT and Best Friends!

From all of us here at the Kane County Office of Tourism,

Happy Trails!

Erik said...

I'm not sure which picture is more appealing- the ice cold barley pop or the dude with his shirt off.

Can't wait to hear how the R2R2R goes!

Missy B. said...

i visited and toured the Best Friends facility last October when i was in town for the R2R2R. what an amazing place. so awesome that you are volunteering there. have a great time on your double-cross! i'll be in Pocatello.

Mark Hudnall said...

Does anybody know who the guy with the yellow bandana is ? He looks just like me. I've never in my life seen a more striking similarity in skin, face, & build. It's almost looking at myself or a body double.