Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fun Run Results-2010

The weeks leading up to the 3rd edition of the Grandeur Fun run had me feeling a little apprehensive. Storm after storm kept dumping snow in the Wasatch, and a mere two weeks before the race I found myself postholing through 16 inches of fresh and wading through waist deep drifts at the top. Where did spring go?

Luckily, as is Spring in Wasatch, a series of warmer weekends followed, and with each fresh layer of snow, the warming temps would melt more than was laid down and by Fun Run day, the snow at the summit was enough to add a little fun, but not slow anyone down.

A five man group of me, Peter, Greg, Dave and Scott set off for an early first lap to mark the course and get some miles in. We soon caught up to Angela, Gina, Lisa and Jackie who are making it a habit of getting an early loop in. (Ladies- I apologize I wasn't at the finish when you finished your second loop, I had to get to a soccer game. Let me know your times so I can get them recorded.) The trail was perfect and we had a great early morning run. We were on the lookout for Wayne and Brian who had reportedly started early, and as we were descending from Bambi Hill, Brian came into sight, and Wayne was just a few minutes behind us.

At 7:02, with much shivering-that Parley's Canyon wind is BRISK- and little fanfare the runner's took off. I waited around for a few stragglers and then started my second ascent. What a beautiful sight to see a line of 60+ runners strung out along the ridge of the first ascent. I had to stop and soak it in for a minute or two.
Jared Campbell, Aaron Brown and Jay Aldous led the charge and stayed in that order for the entire race with Jared getting first dibs on pancakes with a new fastest finish time of 1:44:50. ( I can't say course record since this isn't an official race :) Aaron was 2nd in 1:48:50 and Jay-nursing a sore glute- was third in 1:51 10. Jared was so fast that as I tried to finish marking the course from the rock quarry to the finish, he caught me and I sprinted after him doing my best imitation of Leland by throwing strips of flagging in the middle of the trail.
On the women's side, Emily Sullivan was first, in a new fastest time of 2:06:45, Suzanne Lewis was hot on her heels in 2:07:58 and Nancy Fagan was third in 2:21:40.

Overall it was a perfect day to have a group of friends get out and run together. Thanks to everyone who ran and ate pancakes, bacon, elk sausage and everything else. Thanks to my brother Steve for manning the griddle, Christian for helping take times at the finish, Jesse for being at the top of Grandeur, Jill for cleaning the flagging on her second loop and everyone else that ran, hung out, helped out and had a good time. Let's do it again next year!

Final Note
If I somehow missed anyone's times or anything like that, please let me know and I'll make any corrections. Full results are on the Grandeur Fun Run link to the right.


Jay Aldous said...

Great run! Great fun! Thanks Erik and friends for hosting a most excellent morning...

mick said...

Thanks for the update Erik. Fast times and good turnout!