Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fun Run Update

For all of you anxiously awaiting the Grandeur Fun Run, here is a quick update.

Conditions: There is still a bunch of snow at the top-here's what it looked like yesterday morning- and even with the weather warming up, there will be a fair amount left next Saturday. The rest of the trail is perfect. For those of you who remember the dead deer just off the trail going up Bambi Hill, another one decided to die in the same spot, so keep your eyes open and nose closed.

Aid: There won't be an aid station this year at Church Fork. Plan on carrying all your stuff.

Markings: I may put a few ribbons up early Sat morning. If you don't know the course, study/print the map provided in case I sleep in and don't get it marked.

Questions: Check out the link to the right.

It should be good weather and will definitely be a lot of fun!!!


Chuck said...

Looking forward to Saturday...I have a babysitter lined up!

Anny said...

hi mrc guys. you may wonder why a gal, last name Merrill, checked in up top but not at the finish. I was the bloody one and dnf'd. Fun morning, nonetheless! Thanks.

Erik said...

Thanks for letting me know. You are Glen's( I think that's his name, shoulder length dark hair with a couple kids?) wife, right? Someone pointed you out sitting on the bench with the bloody knee. You definitely got the Bloodiest award for the day!! I hope you had fun, nasty fall and all!

MOCKBA said...

Thanks Erik, a perfect morning run!

Anonymous said...

Didn't have a chance to thank you personally, but I loved the run on Saturday. Thanks for puttin it on!

mick said...

I was out of town for the run. It's too bad. Any results?

Erik said...

i was sorry to not see you there. Jared Campbell finished first in 1:44:50. Smoking!! Aaron Brown was 2nd, Drew ? third.
I'll post some results as soon as my kids fall asleep before 10:00, which may be next year. Hopefully tonight.