Thursday, March 19, 2009

Grandeur Update

Who's excited for the Grandeur Peak fun run on May 16!!??
I went up the west face for the first time since November, and I'm here to say it wasn't any easier after being away for 4 months. But it was beautiful! I can't wait for weekly runs as soon as the Buffalo Run is over next week.
I was supposed to meet Ken Jensen, and I got there a few minutes late (what's new?). He was there on time and thought he saw me heading up already, so he took off to catch me. By the time he realized it wasn't me he was chasing, he had a 15 minute head start. I tried in vain to catch Ken, but like I said, it was in vain. After not running for 3 months, he was still smoking!About 3/4 of the way up I met Ken on his way down. That was a perfect spot to stop and turn around as well.
I didn't run into any snow at all, although apparently there was some on the final ridge, but not bad at all. The trail is in great shape, and I can't wait to get up again to get in some good quad pounding. They are definitely feeling it today!

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