Sunday, March 1, 2009

Buffalo Bar?

Friday was a busy day.  I got home late, had dinner with the family and started thinking about the Saturday morning run on Antelope Island.  We were planning a 20+ mile run, with an early leave from Salt Lake City.  I had bottles, Nuun (note to Matt Hart - I actually like the stuff quite a lot and no well you know... runs), and figured out the clothing options, but I had no gels, or bars of any sort.  No worries, the food processor, dates, figs, pistachios, almonds, and a few raisins, and voila "buffalo bars".  

These were inspired by the Larabar, and a recipe on the web.  Actually the first batch made a few days before with dried cherries were the best so far.  We bought the ingredients in the bulk section at Whole Foods. 

These had a look of something that I kept jumping over on the trail hence the "buffalo bar". Good tasting, portable, and cheap... give them a try.  

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mrcandgladtobe said...

it almost looks like you had some corn the night before! -Rich