Wednesday, May 7, 2008

This past weekend Christian and I ran the Miwok 100 km.  I met my sister, Leslie, and her husband Mike who both ran as well.  The course was spectacular, and while the climbs were not comparable to UF, the course was far from flat.  The winner who is visible behind Christian in the yellow visor to the right of Juric, ran the race at a 7:36 mile pace (7:55), crushing Lon Freeman's previous recordof 8:09.  Christian, knowing that he had a family vacation let the leaders go and ran a comfortable 11 hours and 3 minutes.  I decided to run with my sister, as we don't get to see each other often enough.  
Leslie is one tough cookie.  This was her longest race to date, and though she has run a couple of 50's she hasn't done anything with much climbing.  She made me proud flying down hills, at times making it hard for me to keep pace.  We had a great time along the way enjoying the scenery and meeting other runners.  She had some foot issues that would have side-lined most.  She lost the skin on the bottom of her foot.  I think the lesson here is pop and drain the blister early to prevent spreading.  She didn't complain once.  At the finish both her husband and I, who have seen our fair share of gore, had a hard time looking at her foot.  Leslie and I finished around 13:10.  Mike ran the course in 11:27, but suffered from muscle cramps.   Great fun overall.  Certainly a race to do at some point.  And while some of the MRC might not appreciated it, there was a custom bottle of "Trail Ale" for each finisher.  Ahhh, not that is the way to finish a celestial run.   

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