Sunday, May 11, 2008

Grandeur Loop

Quite a good time. I'll let the photos and video speak for the run.


Erik said...

Rich- I've got an old bike helmet and a set of knee,elbow and wrist guards for your next run.

Christian- was that camera mounted on something?

It looks like I missed out on a good one!

Christian said...

I held my little camera in front of me the whole time. The video looks better on my computer than it does on YouTube. It applies some type of compression that makes it pixelated.

Rich- How's the shoulder?

That trail was killer, my first time on that descent.

peter said...

Thanks for posting the video. My mom enjoyed watching it from IL. She was impressed with how steady your camera work was.
I noticed that Karl and Jared had a video coming off the peak. And here I thought you were the most original.