Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Black Mountain Update

I should have guessed Shilling had lots of snow and scrub oak planned when I agreed to run with him this morning. We started at 6:00 am at the JCC and headed up Dry Creek. From the Shoreline trail we climbed up Black Mountain. The trail up has a little snow, but for the most part was clear. The peak is snow covered and the backside is a mess. The snow is so deep that we had to head strait down. Luckily we could slide down most of it without post holing. At the city creek road I had to stop and scrap the snow from my insoles. We ran down the road about a mile and headed north on what Shilling calls a trail. The climb up to the ridge was clear of snow. Not scrub oak! I think a moose may have used the trail once this year. The ridge was beautiful, except for the snow. To the south the mountains were very green. To the north we had a spectacular view of the most wonderful building in Bountiful. (of course I mean the Temple) We ran the ridge to the antennas and down to City Creek and back to the JCC. Squaw Peak is going to be long and slow if this is any indication of the snow in Happy Valley. It was a great day convening with the lord on the trails!!! Rich

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