Saturday, May 19, 2012

2012 Grandeur Fun Run Results and Report

The Grandeur Fun Run was created by Erik back in 2008 and every year since then he has carefully coordinated the course marking, timing and most importantly the breakfast. So this year when he told us he was going to be out of town on the day of the run we knew we had some big shoes to fill.
Finish Line Fun - Photo Credit: Greg Norrander
Erik still provided all the breakfast necessities and lined up Jay and Peter as co-RD's. Jay also led the course marking along with Ken Jensen and Greg Norrander. Thanks to Tony DeArcos and George Odell for the water at Church Fork. The breakfast specialists this year were the fabulous duo of Marge Norrander and Betsy Johnson who cooked enough pancakes, bacon and sausage to feed 100 hungry runners. Thanks, you two were awesome!
Tom Diegel climbing Bambi hill on his way to victory. Photo Credit: Greg Norrander
Thanks to Suzanne Lewis, David Hayes, Roch Horton, Matt Hart and Chad Brackelsberg for pulling flags, much appreciated.
It seems the only thing we missed this year was summit times, sorry about that.

SPECIAL THANKS to all you fun runners who donated over $700 to the Granite Education Foundation. That's going to buy a lot of books, art supplies, hats, gloves and fleece blankets for children in need.

The run went off without a hitch (that I could see anyway) with a fast group up front. Tom Diegel came in first in a time of 1:44! and took down the course record by a handful of seconds held by Jared Campbell. He was closely followed by Derek Gustafson in 1:45, with Chris Gawley and myself battling for 3rd (Chris got it) in 1:49.
For the women, Meghan Woolley continues to impress with a winning time of 1:52 and new course record taking down Emily Sullivan's 2:06 performance from 2010. Bethany Lewis came in 2nd in 1:59 followed by Liz Gleason in 2:05.

I know many of you ran two loops but we only have times for a few of you. If you did a 2nd loop send your time over along with any name or time corrections to:

More great photos from Greg Norrander: (stay posted for more photos on his site)

Until next year, happy trails...


Nick S. said...

So bummed I missed out...super fast times this year!

Jared said...

Thanks to everyone who organized the fun run.

Dan said...

Thanks for putting on a great event!

Jay said...

Check out the cool pics in Greg's Flicker Album (link is located in top right corner)

jun said...

Great report. You know, one of these years I might actually get to run in it.

Parkermxc said...

Just trying to figure put the fastest ascent time from the church fork trail head. Did it today in 35:41 to the marker. Back down in 26. Anyone know the fastest time??

Christian said...

Looks like the Speedgoat did it in 34 mins at some point. Jared did 36:47 back '08. You should be stoked 35:41 is stout. Jared has been tracking some of the Wasatch FKT's on his site.
Wasatch FKT's