Sunday, September 11, 2011

Post Wasatch 100 - 2011 Random Thoughts

It's a bit soon to write up a full race report but I still wanted to get down a few thoughts before I lose them.

First though, our fellow MRC'er Jay Aldous has started his 200 mile journey through the Italian alps this Sunday morning. You can follow his progress on the Tor des GĂ©ants "chronometraggio" page or learn more about the race on the main page and follow on Twitter.

Congratulations to all the runners who toed the line at the 2011 Wasatch 100. The sacrifice and commitment just to get there is worthy of recognition. This year saw 186 finishers out 265 starters which seems low, but a 70% finishing rate is still above average according to There were a number of my friends going for number 10 and for most of them it did not come easy including, Shane Martin, Carter Williams, Charlie Vincent, and Dave Hunt. I had the pleasure of running with Carter and Dave during some tough stretches late in the race and they definitely kept me motivated. Thanks guys. Race director and all around nice guy Jim Skaggs not only got a finish at Wasatch he also finished the Grand Slam. Nice done Jim, have a beer.

There was one runner that tore the course up and set a PR of 22:47 en route to his tenth finish; Peter Lindgren. Congratulations on a stellar run my friend. Erik Storheim and I shared some slow miles together in the middle of the race and I was pleased to see him bounce back and grab another Cheetah in 23:32. His pacer and my friend, Dr. Cooper gave me some encouraging words to keep my head in the game, thanks Drew! Greg was working hard to go under 24, encountered some issues but still set a PR in 24:56, very impressive.

My friends Brian Kamm and Jason Berry provided some extra motivation in the final miles along with their pacers Jeff Bertot and Wynn Shooter. I was also really happy to see Sarah Evans get a finish after watching her deal with some stomach issues over the last 25, way to keep it going Sarah.

I had the pleasure of meeting Scott Dunlap, from the original Trail Runners blog, who toughed it out to get his first finish at Wasatch. One other person I wanted to mention was another new friend of mine, Tetsuro Ogata. I didn't actually meet Tetsuro until Hardrock this year where he helped Roch Horton man the aid station on Virginius Pass. Tetsuro has had an astounding year, not only did he finish Wasatch, he's also finished the Antelope Island 100, Pocatello 50, Masanutten 100, Angeles Crest 100, and Cascade Crest 100 this year. He has plans to do the Pine to Palm 100 and the Bear 100 in the next couple of weeks as well. Mind boggling. Way to go Tetsuro!

The 2011 Wasatch 100 was a real mental test for me. I really wanted a sub-24 run and as I watched it slip away I truly felt like calling it a day. I managed to get a finish but only with support from fellow competitors, friends, my pacer for the last 25 Jon Schofield, and my amazing wife Betsy. Thank you.

Look for some race reports in the next week or so from all of us and until then send your positive energy across the pond to Jay.


Missy B. said...

great job, Christian. it was truly an amazing couple of days. i, too, got a monkey off of my back after 3 Wasatch DNFs, i got the finish this time and will proudly wear my buckle. thanks to my pacers and crew too ~i couldn't have done it without them. happy trails...

jun said...

It really was an amazing race this year. I was fortunate enough to get to run the last half with Scott Wesemann who finished his first 100 miler at Wasatch. Great job on your finish and continuing an astounding year.