Sunday, September 25, 2011


Another perfect morning in the Wasatch Mountains. Christian, Erik, Jay, Mandy and myself did a leisurely run up to the summit of the Pfeifferhorn via Red Pine Lake. My lack of navigation skills lead us to the eastern side of Upper Red Pine Lake which made the climb a little slower and longer than we had planned for but nobody seemed to mind as the temperatures were warm the sky was clear and the conversation flowing. Erik had to turn around after reaching Upper Red Pine and headed back down, the rest of us scrambled slowly through the boulder field over to the steep loose trail up to the ridge that would lead us to the final steep pitch to the summit.

After reaching the summit we had the thrill of being buzzed by my friend in his Cessna. I thought after the run how cool it was to interact with him at such a amazing place. Him doing what he loves, flying in the mountains and the 4 of us doing what we love, running.

After some dried pineapples (thanks Mandy!) we slowly descended back to the Red Pine Lake taking a more direct route down and then finally running the technical single track back to the parking lot. I love running this time of year, no worries about pace or being prepared for this race or that, just good company and great trails in some amazing mountains.


Chuck said...

The Pfeiff is a fantastic place!

jun said...

Mmm, the Pfeiff is yummy. Of course, everywhere up in the Wasatch is amazing right now.

Scott Dunlap said...

That's so cool with your buddy in the plane!