Sunday, June 5, 2011

Photos Squaw Peak 50 2011

Brian Howard focused and moving fast.

Todd Schmidtke loving the single track high in Rock Canyon

Shane Martin cruising one of the many bridges in Rock Canyon.

David Hayes making up time after getting off course early
in the race.

Betsy Johnson making it look easy

Erik Storheim powering up one of the many small climbs on
the BOSHO trail on his way to a first place finish.

Betsy and Christian getting it done on the final 1/4 mile.
This was Betsy first 50 mile race

Carter Williams showing how to relax after 50 miles on the trails

A thought I would post a few photos on the MRC blog from the Squaw Peak 50 race this weekend. I had originally planned to only spend a few hours taking pictures and maybe fit in a short run but ended up spending most of the day watching the runners, taking pictures and even got in a easy 2 hour run up Rock Canyon with Christian. I think Erik will post a proper race report later so I won't go into detail but the short version is Erik ran a great race to take first place overall in just a hair over 9 hours. Ashley White ran a amazing race to take first place for the women (not sure of her time). Also happy to say Betsy Johnson finished her first 50 mile race. It was only her second ultra and she made it look easy, her time was just over 12 hrs. If you would like to see more photos you can go here.

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Christian said...

As always great pictures Greg. Capturing the essence of the race with pictures is hard to do, but you are quickly mastering it. Nice work!