Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fun Run Results-2011

The 2011 Grandeur Fun Run was, as always, fun. Due to a last minute scheduling conflict with the county, it was postponed a week, and I aplogize if that caused any inconvenience, or caused anyone to have to miss it this year. Maybe that accounts for the lower number of runners. Still, there were 56 runners that showed up and everyone finished!

After the front pack made a quick ascent to the summit, through more than the usual amount of snow, Matt Hart took the lead on the descent into Millcreek Canyon and never looked back. He crossed the finish 1st in a time of 1:49:56. Mick Jurynec was 2nd in 1:54:55 and Christian Johnson, on his second loop! was 3rd in 1:58:17.
For the women, Emily Sullivan smoked it for 1st in 2:11, Karen Craig was 2nd in 2:17 and Anny Merrill was 3rd in 2:20. Full results are here.

As usual, the weather was perfect and everyone had a great time. Thank you to everyone who showed up, and everyone who brought stuff to add to the pancakes. The 1/4 lb bacon steaks were awesome!!! Thanks to jay for marking the course, and to Steve Takahashi for taking times at the top. And most important , thanks to everyone who helped raise $450 for the Granite Education Foundations Christmas program.

John Schofield put together a little video of the run, check it out below and we'll see you next year!!

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Nick said...

Thank you Eric!!
I am quickly finding out these "fun" runs around the valley are gems...definetly on my calender for years to come.
Awesome job on the video, John put together..The Go Cam (and excellent editing) put a very entertaining twist on watching running...loved it!