Saturday, January 1, 2011

90 in 90

The other day Rich challenged me to run 90 days in a row. To some of you that may not seem like a big deal, but to me, 90 days straight seems like a tall order. Rich proposed that the loser had to mow the winner's lawn three times over the summer. Since I can't even seem to get mine mowed on a timely basis, I turned that down and suggested we find another reward. Something easy, like $500, or lugging the other's water and supplies during a 50K run. I feel pretty confident in winning, since Rich probably won't run today, and will have used up his three Mulligans (see rules below) by next Sunday.

So begins 90 runs in 90 days. We would like to invite anyone else to join in the fun. If you want to participate, and be eligible for fabulous prizes that haven't been determined yet, ( An old water bottle or a half used package of NUUN are some of the prizes that come to mind) then let us know in the comments.

The Rules:

1)Run 90 days in a row, starting Jan 1 2011.
2)A run counts as a minimum of 20 minutes in duration.
3)Three Mulligans (days off) will be allowed, for a sick day, or a post race recovery day, etc. But, that run has to be made up on a double run day, to still account for 90 total runs.

Pretty simple. Have fun and go run.


Rich said...
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Rich said...

Missed you this morning. Was it too cold for you? Hope you enjoy the treadmill. Rich

Chuck said...

90 in 90 sounds goal is 36 runs in 90 days...and 12 backcountry ski outings. (48 in 90?) How's it going so far?

Erik said...

So far so good. I've hit a couple days where I barely made the minimum 20 minutes, but at least I haven't used up a couple Mulligans already like Rich......

carter said...

This morning, I found out that I had misread the 90/90 thing. Gratefully. I finished the 90 in 90 but there were lots of days I had to do two in a day due to the study/assignment/library schedule I've had to maintain over the time period, so I didn't qualify for the used sock award. Nonetheless, thanks! Some of those 25 minute runs crammed in between three-and-half hours of sleep and work were the best things that I have done for myself in terms of running. I never felt something that short was worth doing, but they have really helped keep things on track. So, thanks again! See if I can keep it up for another 90 runs, if completely chocked full of mulligans!