Saturday, January 8, 2011

90 in 90 update

The inversion in Salt Lake is really the only thing I cant stand about living here. When it sets in the best way to start my day is to go up. This morning was beautiful. I met Greg and Nate at 6:30 am for a winter version of the Granduer Peak fun run and it was amazing. The 90 in 90 is going well. I dont think I have run 8 days in a row for at least 3 years. Other than the fatigue it feels great. As you view the attached photos please notice that Erik is not in any of them, because he was home in bed. Hope he feels rested.


Erik said...

Never felt more rested! It's amazing what a few mornings running on the beach will do to clear up my inversion clogged lungs. I think Rich is just using photoshop and some old stock photos of Grandeur to try and convince everyone he has run every day.

Matt Hart said...

what exactly is 90 in 90?