Friday, April 30, 2010

Knee Progress Report - 2 Weeks

In an effort to keep up the good news around here I'm happy to report that I'm healing ahead of schedule. I went in for my two week checkup this morning and the great Dr. Cooper cleared me to start running again, preferably on the trail! Yesterday was actually the two week mark from my knee surgery, where I ended up having a plica removed, a little patella cartilage cleaned up and a slight lateral release.  The latter will allow my patella to track a little higher than normal which should reduce wear and tear on the existing spot.  Since I had surgery I've been going to therapy a couple of times a week, where everyone was impressed with my rapid improvement, that was until Brandon Roy decided to upstage me by playing in an NBA playoff game 8 days after surgery.  Can you believe that?  They repaired a torn meniscus, a more intensive surgery and he came back that quick, really quite amazing.

As for me, up to this point I've been riding the bike and doing the exercises from PT and the only thing that could still improve is the flexibility of my knee.  There's still a slight amount of swelling and inflammation that prevents me from pulling my heel up to the back of my leg.  Once I can do that I should be golden.  So the plan is to mix in some running with the cycling until everything is back to normal.

On the competitive side of things I still plan on doing the Pocatello 50, but I have opted for the relay option with Peter instead of the full meal deal.  My new goal is complete my short 16 mile section without pain and if that goes well it will be the Devil's Backbone 50 in July.  Peter and Jay are also making the trip for this one so it should be a good time.  After that is the Cascade Crest 100 that Greg and I will be doing in the fall.  I am highly optimistic that if I stick to the conservative plan I will be able to complete each one of those.  Patience is hard sometimes.


FastED said...

Yeah but Brandon Roy has access to things you don't (ie really good drugs). AND he's probably 10 years younger than you...

Patience is a virtue! Looking forward to seeing you guys at Pokey 50

Manners said...

That is great news! Keep on mending. I will see you at Pokey.
Agree with Fast Ed on Mr. Roy. He also nothing else do do but rehab.