Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Debunking of a Legend and Zion's West Rim (Wildcat to Springdale)

Here is the report of our snowy Zion’s adventure Jay said was coming. It turns out that the run served two very important purposes. The first purpose will have a profound effect on your life and undoubtedly shake many of you to the core. The second purpose was that I was able to get to know Jay a lot better and he learned I never stop talking. It was a slow beautiful day and Jay’s company made it even better.

Here it is ladies and gentlemen (except Christian), the legend and myth of the Swiss knot has been scientifically debunked. I know you are all thinking “HOW COULD THIS BE!” or “IT MUST HAVE BEEN TIED WRONG!” The morning of our run I tied my shoes the way my momma taught me 30 years ago. Jay followed Christian’s fine tutorial and tied both his shoes with the “Swiss Knot”. It wasn’t long before Jay was stopping to re-tie the laces of his shoe. Had this been the only incident it would have been very easy to assume the knot had been executed improperly. Unfortunately for you believers it happened two more times. I know it must be hard to believe, but it is true. See the proof below. (Photos) You may now be wondering, did Rich’s lace ever come untied? The answer is, NOT ONCE!

I know you all will need time to deal with this info. I will only say in spite of Jay’s obvious disappointment, it was a great day. I hope to get back down here soon and do it on the dirt. See you all soon on the trails. -Rich


Greg said...

Wow, I don't know what to say! I'm crushed, I looked down at my running shoes this morning and I didn't feel that same confidence I had before. I just told myself one step at a time, one step at a time.

Greg said...
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Christian said...

Interesting. I have a theory Snuffy. The only time I've ever had it come undone was when Jay and I were running through some severely overgrown trail and we were both taking small steps. Judging by the photos I would say that Jay's loose ends of the laces were too long. Stepping on the long loose end of the lace will definitely cause it come undone.
Any chance you were taking small steps on the delicate surface to limit impact?

Rich said...

I dont think so!!!! You must have forgotten who was running. Jay never takes "small steps on the delicate surface to limit impact?" I think I might have to try the version Hart shared on your tutorial!