Thursday, September 11, 2008

Uintah Speed Goat?

How about an adventure with a goat?  For $25 a day per goat (you have to take at least two, they like to have some company) you can have a goat carry your stuff.  They carry up to 40% of their body weight. The only MRC runner I know that can do that is Storheim.  Next year for the Wasatch I think we forgo pacers and take a goats.  There are only rules against muling, not goating.   Besides I suspect the mountain lions are more apt to attack the goat and not the runner.  

Congrats to Erik and Christian at the Bear 100+, 2nd and 6th.  Both Christian and Erik ran more than 100 miles, with a few (ok more than a few) detours.  Hey it was the first year on the new course, which is quite beautiful and challenging, and worth the few extra credit miles.

I had the pleasure of pacing Christian for the last 50 miles. Pretty amazing to pick a guy up at the half way mark, vomiting, pale, dehydrated and then running after him as fast as I could go for the last few miles to the finish.  Once Christian figured that he could make it under 25 hours he made a mad dash the last 6 miles... 22 seconds to spare.  There was a poor guy that we passed about an 1/8th of a mile from the finish.  He was shocked to see us, and wasn't able to keep the pace.  Frankly, I was nearly not able to hold the pace either.   I think that Christian would have run in with him if it weren't for the time goal.  


Erik said...

Where can I get a goat? That's the greatest thing I've ever seen. I'm going out for a light 15-20 tomorrow, anyone in?

Camryn said...

Speed Goats everywhere ???