Saturday, September 13, 2008

No harm no foul 2008 Wasatch report

As punishment Peter you must wear biking gloves, your Yoda shirt, pink dirty girl gaiters, and Rich’s helmet on next years 4th of July run.

Its funny because this morning as soon as I got up I checked the blog because I wasn’t really happy with my race report and I thought I would take a quick look and correct it, or even delete the entry. Then I noticed somebody had beaten me too it. The report was not very good, a little long winded and not very well put together. You only did what any good English teacher would have felt compelled to do. No harm no foul. Lets leave it at that.

Instead of me reposting my report, let me sum up the race this way. It was great. Good people, fantastic weather and a killer 100 mile course, and located just out our backdoors. I am looking forward to next years race already as maybe we will see the possibility of 4 sub 24 hour times from the MRC crew. Not that there’s any pressure.


peter said...

adI will have bike gloves, helmet, yoda shirt, and pink gaiters on at the next 4th of July run, and might actually need the whole get up. I really did enjoy reading it Seriously repost.
Best, Peter

Erik said...

Repost, repost repost. I want to hear all the details.