Sunday, June 28, 2015

Grand Sasso Playtime

This past weekend I was able to make my first trek of the summer season to Gran Sasso National Park for some superb trail running. For day one I decided to circumnavigate Corno Grande (2912 meters) & Corno Picolo (2655 meters) and for bonus fun summit Gran Corno. Distance 30 miles with 11k vert. Day two was a run out the ridge from Campo Imperatore then a descent down to Fonte Cerreto and back up to Campo Imperatore. Distance 16 miles with 6K vert. It felt good to be back in the mountains and on trails.

Some pictures so you can see just how excellent the running is in Gran Sasso.

Corno Grande (left) Corno Piccolo (right)
An Old Farmhouse on the Grasslands 

Cables to Help Old People Like Me on the Technical Stuff - Nice!

Corno Piccolo (Is that a nice looking peak or what??)

Pizzo Intermesoli (2635 meters)

Rifugio Campo Imperatore at the Main Trailhead. This Place Rocks - 3 course dinner, a carafe of wine, lodging and breakfast for just Euro 45 - and the Trailhead is Right Outside the Door! 

Following the Ridge out from Campo Imperatore

Rifugio Carlo Franchetti (I want to overnight here on a future run)

Valle dei Ginepri from the Campo Imperatore Ridgeline

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