Sunday, February 15, 2015

Rome to Lago Albano - 50K History Tour

Today I took advantage of good weather and the possibility of a ride home from Lago Albano to piece together a stunning and historical 50K run from Central Rome to Castel Gandolfo (The Pope's summer residence) overlooking Lago Albano. My run included spectacular sights, stretches of trail, and finally meeting fellow runners who were running around the lake for a post run lunch outside on the shore of the lake. Enjoy the historical tour della storia...

Porta Portese Market - more than 1000 vendors each Sunday

Crossing the Tevre

Victor Emmanuel 

The Forum

The Colosseum

Porta Latina - Old City Gate

Caffarella Park

Along the Appian Way
Trail Along the Appian

Old Roman Pavers Along the Appian

Chariot and Wagon Ruts

The Appian

Lago Albano

Castel Gandolfo - Pope's Summer Residence

Post Run Lunch with Fellow WFP Runners

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Anonymous said...

Great photos, Jay!