Monday, October 1, 2012

Sunday Run in Utah

After Christian and I spent Friday night sleepless as a soigneur (crew) and domestique (pacer) at the Bear 100, we were not eager for an early start.  The initial idea was to run to the top of the Pfiefferhorn, but with a late start and other commitments, we settled for shorter run/hike up Maybird Gulch.  

Christian and Greg on a highway of a trail

Pfiefferhorn in the distance

Coming back down. 
Encounters with generous Utah wildlife.  Sunday morning... have a PBR! 
We all had a swig of PBR.  

Heading down through the fall colors.


Nick Sourlos said...
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Jay said...

What's the story with the PBR dude??? Guessing there's a few miles to be covered while listening to someone recount the experience...

Anonymous said...

I'm not the most fashionable person so I need some help on this one, but do guys really tie there shirt at the bottom like that these days?- Steve

Nick Sourlos said...

I guess my JMRC comment wasn't funny. What is funny, I think used to work with that PBR guy at Buff n Puffs Car Wash when I was 16 (seriously)