Monday, July 9, 2012

Leadville 100 - 2012 Course Preview

Enjoying the Trail Along Turquoise Lake

This past weekend I was fortunate to be in Vail for a lacrosse tournament my daughter was playing in. I had the double good fortune of being able to watch her play – AND – preview parts of the Leadville 100 course!

On day 1 I did a quick out and back along Turquoise Lake to the Queen Mary aid station. What good fun this section of the course is – flat, fast and scenic! Note to self, don’t get sucked into going out to fast!

Trail Along Turquoise Lake - Fast!

Day 2 was a stellar run with Chad Brackelsberg from Winfield TR over Hope Pass to Twin Lakes and back. It was good to cover this section both ways to determine which sections I should try and run – and how much needs to be power-hiked. In addition to great company, Chad shared with me myriad tips on the course, the race, where to get good coffee, and how I can have a great day on August 18th.  Thanks Chad!!

Chad Cresting Hope Pass

I’m looking forward to Leadville and am optimistic I can have a good day. I’m feeling healthy. I’m feeling fit, I’ve got a phenomenal pacer and crew (Christian & Adrienne). I can hardly wait!!

Congrats to Erik on finishing the Millwood 100 - Bravo! Watch for a full-meal-deal report on the adventure in a few days...

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jun said...

"Note to self, don’t get sucked into going out to fast!"
Hahahaha. Ha. hahaha. Hahahaha. Good times.