Thursday, April 26, 2012

BoSho 2012 Marathon Report

Once again the BoSho Marathon proved to be the preferred event of the day with a record number of participants (128) and finishers (103). Special thanks to John, Dan, Brian and Bob for organizing such a flawless fun run for the 13th year in a row. Also thanks to the other volunteers that helped with flagging and filling water bottles. Results can be found over at the new Wasalpstriders blog.

Coming into this year I had some high expectations after going under the 4 hour mark in 2011. The plan was to try and replicate the same race and maybe go just a little faster. When I arrived at the start I couldn't believe how many people were there, it was awesome.

After receiving our instructions for the day we were off. I assumed the lead on the first climb with Mick Jurynec right behind me. As we descended down to Red Butte I glanced back and thought I saw Mr. Krupicka chasing us but it was new runner to the Wasatch, Adrian Shipley. The three of us arrived back at the first aid station together where I picked up my extra water bottle and dropped my shirt off. Heading up Dry Creek we were still pretty close together with Adrian right on my shoulder. I got the sense he would like to go faster so I pulled off and let him go ahead. My legs were feeling a little heavy but I felt I was still holding a good pace. By the time we hit the back Dry Creek he had a handful of seconds on us and ran the full length of the rocky drainage. When we hit the real climb, Unkle F@#*r, he had a few more seconds and then I watched as he ran the first steep part. I continued to glance up from time to time while I was in fast hike mode and Adrian continued to run all the way to the top. I was in disbelief. When I finally reached the top I calculated he had put two minutes on us.

The descent down to Morris reservoir and the next aid station was a bit faster than I remember from the previous year and sure enough, when we hit the aid station we were nearly five minutes ahead of last years splits and Adrian was still two minutes ahead. The warmer than usual morning gave way to the real heat on the climb out of City Creek. Mick and I were still together with Adrian in front, when Kevin shilling came flying by us about halfway up the climb. I was pretty stoked to see Kevin having such a good day after having the bad ankle last year. The gaps stayed pretty constant all the way to the North Salt Lake bench where Mick and I were now in 3rd and 4th with Kevin chasing Adrian.

As Mick and I climbed up and over Meridian we maintained the same gap, but I could tell Kevin was closing on Adrian. By the time we gained the rolling ridge line they were out of sight and I could only assume that Kevin had caught Adrian and they were both pushing the pace up front. The long descent into City Creek is something I usually look forward to but my shoes had blown out the sides (Montrail Bajadas, review coming soon) and my feet had been moving around too much causing blisters to develop on my heels. Mick and I still rolled the City Creek section nicely and ended up back at Morris and the aid station right on last year's split.

The climb out of Morris felt slow and the watch confirmed it as we hit 5 points at the 3:28 mark. Sub 4 was still possible but not with the way my legs felt and the blisters growing by the second on my heels. After about a mile and a half I told Mick that if he wanted to break 4 hours he was going to have to go and that's exactly what he did, reaching the finish with 10 seconds to spare and nearly catching Adrian in the process. I rolled it in for 4th in 4:03 and I was pleased with the effort. Storheim followed in 5th just a few seconds off his time from 2011. The temperature reached the high 70's, which isn't exactly scorching, but the heat was definitely a factor as it was the hottest day we have seen this year.

No doubt about it, the times are coming down and getting more competitive. The fact that 3 guys went under 4 hours is pretty incredible, but the real shocker is the fact that 5 women went under the 5 hour mark with Megan winning and setting a new course record in 4:20! Perhaps it was the mild winter that produced some fast spring legs or maybe there are just more runners getting out and dancing on the trails. Congratulations to all that finished the toughest and best marathon in Salt Lake and good luck on the rest of your season...

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Nick said...

4:03 is smoking fast on that course