Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hardrock Prep

Back in 2009 I left Salt Lake City bound for Silverton and the Hardrock 100 while sitting at number 6 on the waitlist. I made it to Silverton but not off the the waitlist. That may have been a blessing in disguise as I had an incredible experience pacing Scott Jaime that year and soaking in the atmosphere.

This year I found out in February that without a doubt I was in. My name was one of the lucky few drawn in the lottery and started training with a new found purpose (and pretty much stopped skiing during a record snow season). I even made plans to head down two weeks early to acclimate and check out the course.
About this same time we decided to put our house up for sale. I must admit I was a little nervous about selling the house with Hardrock looming but I figured the chances of an overlap were slim. Well, it turns out I should have been in Vegas all spring as anything to do with a lottery or slim chances has paid off. Our house is sold and we close on July 11th. Hardrock starts on the 8th. That being said, my taper has included the right amount of running and more than the normal amount of upper body/back work (thanks to all the help we've received over the last few weeks, it was invaluable). Another casualty of the house being sold was the early trip to the San Juans. Looks like it will be show and go for me. Currently the nerves are running a bit high and I've been battling a good case of self doubt but as my good friend and Hardrock pacer has told me, I am my own worst enemy.

Thanks to my friends the "training" has been a ton of fun this spring. From running out in the west desert to trudging through mud and knee deep streams to glissading from the top of the Wasatch, without their help I wouldn't be in the best running shape of my life. Thanks guys. Here's some evidence of the training fun from the last month or so...See ya after Hardrock!


Jared said...

Good luck at Hardrock!

Nick said...

Good luck! I am looking forward to following you and all the local Hardrock Runners......poles or no poles?

peter said...

Good luck Christian!