Friday, May 13, 2011

Trail Conditions 2011

UPDATE: Thanks for all the input on trail conditions this last weekend! I've started putting the day an update has been made to a particular area on the trail conditions page. That should be a little easier to look at the most up to date information.

I've been holding off on writing this post as I was afraid I might jinx the warm weather spell we've had this week along the Wasatch Front. But with that in mind I wanted to remind everyone living here in northern Utah we have a little system in place for tracking trail conditions in the high country. Simply click on the area you are interested in on the trail conditions page and you will find current conditions, as reported by fellow trail runners.

Of course this only works if YOU log what you see on the trail conditions form. Just fill in the blanks and it will appear on the appropriate trail conditions page and you will have karma on your side, at least for your next run. It only takes a minute to let everyone know that snow is still packed in on the way to Mt Aire or that Black Mountain is good to go. I will update tomorrow with my findings from the higher elevations and I hope I find similar findings as we all search out somewhere new to run.

Thank you,
Desperately seeking the high country...

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