Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Brotherhood of the Traveling Shoes

I’m not really sure when it began. Our collective recollection of that first exchange is fuzzy. Christian claims it was during a run late last summer when Peter suggested that he demo his new Hokas on the descent from Twin Lakes Pass to Brighton with the reported exchange taking place on the leeward side of a large granite boulder. Although, I think the origin may have been after the 2010 Pocatello 50 when Peter took pity on me not having any dry shoes to drive back to Salt Lake in and offered an extra pair of Montrail Hardrocks. “Just keep them,” he said.

Regardless, a year later we’ve found ourselves behaving like a bunch of teenage girls – exchanging a plethora of size 8 running shoes at a dizzying and often confusing rate...

Actual quotes from conversations, emails and texts the past couple of weeks include;

Christian to Jay, “Matt just gave me a pair of Montrail Rogue Racers to demo and review. Do you want to borrow them this coming week?”

Jay to Peter, “You gotta try these Rogue Racers Christian gave me, I’ll drop them off at the clinic along with your Newton racing flats. Loved those Newtons, they sure made me feel speedy. It was like wearing paper towels on my feet!”

Peter to Jay, “Glad you liked them. Let me know when you want to borrow the Hokas.”

Jay to Christian, “I think the Rock Ridges would be perfect for Hardrock. I’ll leave a pair on the porch. And, why don’t you also try out the La Sportiva Fireblades and Crosslites. I’ll leave them on the porch too.”

Christian to Jay, “SWEET. Thanks!”

Christian to Jay and Peter, “Hey, who has the Rogue Racers??? I want to wear them for the Buffalo 50K and need them back”

Radio Silence from Peter and Jay. Hmmm… I hope this isn’t the end of the Brotherhood of the Traveling Shoes…


Erik said...

I need to start running with people that have bigger feet.

Anny said...

That's hilarious!

Jared said...

Just to be clear, it's just shoes, right?

peter said...

I just laced up the Rogues. I promise I will get them back soon.

Jay said...

Jared, fortunately, or unfortunately it has gone beyond shoes. There have been traveling poles, hydration packs, and even shorts. Ask Erik about how he showed up in NY City for a weekend run with NO running shorts and borrowed a pair of mine. Needless to say they were a bit too small, not particularly flattering on him (though they did seem to be doing some flattening), and I can only guess VERY uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you mentioned a bunch of teenage girls because with feet that small thats what I'd compare it to.

Rich B