Friday, October 8, 2010

First Snow

I LOVE running in the mountains. I've been running the past few weeks, but mostly road and treadmill, and was completely re-energized today by my short trip up Neff's canyon. It's time to get on the trails again during the best time of the year. Here's a few photos to share the beauty I found.


FastED said...

I take it you don't work Fridays?? That picture of the Aspens is really cool! Thanks for sharing.

Erik said...

I take a few Friday's off. In theory it's to catch up on stuff around the house, take a nap, go to the zoo with the kids, etc. But in reality, it's to get in a run in beautiful country. There's nothing quite like the Wasatch in the fall.

Matt Hart said...

i LOVE neff's.