Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hoka Hybrid

I really couldn't resist posting the picture of Scott D's, hybrid Hokas. I thought the "screw shoe" was brilliant, but cutting and gluing shoes is something else. Below are Scott's comments.

Scott D said...

I find the shoes to be a bit hot, but most people I know are ok with them. IF your feet are heavy sweaters, they will probably cause some issues. My feet get really water logged in them and I lose toe nails because of it. (my feet are bad though.)

Also the upper tends to stretch when it gets wet. I have had to stop multiple times to crank down on the laces to tighten them up in the middle of a run.

I feel they soak up a lot of water compared to most uppers. They are working on the upper. So the next versions will be better.

They are fairly wide over all, but they do pinch a bit at the toes. I had to go up a half size to counter that.

With that being said, I still had to make some alterations to my shoes to combat some fit issues. The soles of the shoes are amazing and really are fun to run in, even on the roads. I can't go back to any other trail shoe, they all feel like bricks compared to these.

If you are concerned about the uppers, wait a bit longer. They will be coming out with a road version of the shoe and the upper on that one is awesome, even on the trails.

If you are like me and don't like to wait, cut off the uppers and glue your favorite ones on.

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Anonymous said...

Scott, I have the Bondi B's but am having all kind of fit issues with the uppers. I cut the toes out and side which helped but would rather do what you have done. How hard is it to make the hybrid? Can you give me the step by step.

Thanks, Joe