Thursday, January 14, 2010


There are many great things about running, but the characters and the scenery are the top of my list. Though lately the scenery has been muted by despicable air, and most of the characters are off to Hawaii for a change of scenery. Greg is pictured above on top of Grandeur Peak, after pulling my tired sorry ass to the top.

Greg, Best of luck at the HURT!

Christian, may you have a quick recovery with your knee, and a great vacation.

Erik, have a great all-nighter pacing Greg, and a great vacation.

May you all enjoy some fresh air!


Erik said...

Greg-no 100K finishes for you- I've made big plans for a 40 mile night run through the rocks, roots and mud. Wooohooo for warm weather and clean air!!!

Hart said...

I LOVE the HURT! Good luck Greg!

Rich said...

Good Luck buddy! Wish I was there!!!

Jason, Jen & the gang said...

Have a great run Greg! Good Luck!